Our company provides non-emergency medical transportation to people who go to medical appointments and other destinations.

Our drivers must have a valid Michigan Chauffeur Driver License, valid CPR and 1st Aid certification. All applicants are subject to a drug screening, physical, driving record and background check. No specific level of education is required, but a high school education is preferred. You must be able to read schedules and maps, and you must be able to follow driving directions. You must be able to read, understand and speak English clearly. You must have dependable transportation that will get you to and from our facility each day. Experience in transporting people is beneficial, and a basic knowledge of our service area is expected.

Our drivers are expected to drive a wheelchair lift van. This is a specially equipped full-sized van that has a hydraulic automatic lift for raising patients in wheelchairs into the van. The floor of the van is outfitted with special seatbelts and straps attached to the floor. Some clients that we transport have a wheelchair ramp at their home, but lifting people in their wheelchairs up or down stairs at the home may be necessary. If you have any type of back problems, this is not the right job for you.

Our drivers are expected to keep in contact with dispatch by using a cell phone that we provide to all of our employees. It is the responsibility of the drivers to let dispatch know when they are picking up or dropping off clients. Drivers are given schedules for the following day between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. Drivers are responsible for getting directions for the following days scheduled pickups. All of our vehicles are equipped with Global Positioning System, and we also provide map books for our drivers so that they may look up directions for their scheduled runs as well. We also have computerized mapping programs that our office personnel can use to give you directions when necessary.

Promptness is essential for drivers at our company. Drivers are responsible for leaving ample time to arrive at pickups. If for any reason a pickup can’t be made at the scheduled time, drivers are responsible for notifying dispatch in advance.
More specific details are given during training. Please see a manager if you have any further questions or concerns.